Long rails transport to Sweden

The New Year brings us new challenges that we are always willing to take up, of course, always with the right preparation. Thanks to our fleet of specialized…

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Football players of the "orlik" junior team of MKS Piast Żmigród wearing football kits provided by Captrain
Captrain Polska supports MKS Piast Żmigród junior team

Kacper, the son of our Captrain colleague, joined the "orlik" junior team of MKS Piast Żmigród, trained by a seasoned football player of Piast main team. This…

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Captrain Polska takes part in „To share knowledge and experience” conference

Conference "To share knowledge and experience" took place in the beautiful building of CKE Stara Rzeźnia in Szczecin on November 18, 2021. It was a hybrid mode…

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Ongoing construction of the second inspection pit of the locomotive workshop of Captrain Polska
Construction of revision pit in Wołów

We are finishing the construction of another under-locomotive inspection pit in our workshop in Wołów, which will be equipped with Kutruff lifts and hence it…

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Captrain Polska once again sponsors the Kłos Laski football team
Captrain Polska is pleased to once again sponsor Kłos Laski, the local football team

The football team of Kłos Laski was reactivated after 4 years and entered the Class B competition. It is a local team from Lower Silesia, consisting of the…

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Captrain employs a Gama Marathon electric locomotive

The turn of the year is a good time to test new solutions, so we decided to follow the momentum and put another type of locomotive into operation. We are…

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Cooperation with Schavemaker includes transport from plant to terminal as well as terminal operations.
Captrain - Schavemaker cooperation: services for the automotive industry in 2020

Year 2020 brought us a number of challenges. We’d like to share the one which has is of special importance to us - service for the automotive industry. Thanks…

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311D-07 loco in Captrain Polska colors
Newag 311D diesel locos return to Captrain Polska fleet

In December, after a few years of break, we put into operation the type 311D locomotive No. 07. We know this locomotive well, we know about its weaknesses, but…

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