Captrain Polska took part in the FRACHT 2020 intermodal conference
Captrain participates in FRACHT 2020 intermodal conference

Captrain partnered up with FRACHT 2020 for the VIII Intermodal Freight Conference in Gdynia, which took place on 20-21.08. It was a great opportunity to…

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Captrain's BR232 locomotive with a long rail train in Skoczów
On track with the long rail

Long rail transports are our bread and butter. June marked the recommencement of long rail transports with unloading. Here is a photo report from unloading in…

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Captrain's BR232 pulling RTC's
Skandawa and Braniewo border crossings now in Captrain's reach

In May, Captrain and RŻD have signed an agreement regarding the transport through the border crossings in Skandawa and Braniewo. All companies interested in…

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Captrain locomotive with RTCs
Transporting ethanol for disinfectant production

In cooperation with our sister company ITL and the forwarding company TankMatch Rail Hamburg, we transported 1,000 tons of ethanol in 18 wagons from the Port of…

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CT PL's EU07 locomotive with intermodal train at Mostyska station in Ukraine
Captrain crosses the PL-UA border arriving at Mostyska

On April 22, our locomotive entered Ukraine via the Medyka / Mostyska border, for the first time in the company's history.  We arrived to the Mostyska II…

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Our workstations during the coronavirus COVID-19 pandemic
Work during the pandemic

Another week of pandemic is behind us. We work as usual, with even greater power. Train drivers follow the safety rules by wearing protective masks, dispatching…

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[Translate to English:] Lokomotywa BR232 Captrain Polska z cysternami LPG
We're back at Poland-Ukraine border crossing in Jagodin

This year, we are transporting fertilizer and liquefied gas. Captrain invites every company which imports or exports bulk goods from and to Ukraine to…

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[Translate to English:] Lokomotywa SM42 Captrain Polska z transportem rozjazdów dla Track Tec oraz żurawiem
Transports of railway switches for Track Tec in 2020

In 2020 we will continue to transport railway switches for Track Tec. These kind of extraordinary transports require a special permit due to the size of the…

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