Captrain's BR232 pulling an oil train
Fuel shipments to Mirostowice

We are launching the regular transports of fuel from Germany to Mirostowice oil depot (Jankowa Żagańska station). This route requires usage of our diesel…

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Artworks created by the participants of "Kolejkowo" art competition organised by Captrain Polska
Results of the "Kolejkowo" art competition

We have received six artworks created with great dose of creativity. The evaluation criteria were as follows: aesthetics of the work, idea, approach to the…

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Captrain Polska's TEM2 locomotive. Our diesel locomotices allow us to offer shunting and last mile services at terminals like Schavemaker in Kąty Wrocławskie
Captrain provides shunting at Kąty Wrocławskie

Captrain Polska is pleased to inform our partners that starting today, we offer  wagons shuntting between Shavemaker terminal and Kąty Wrocławskie station. We’d…

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Team Captrain at XVI Amateur Voleyball Tournament of the Railway Industry in Żagań
Captrain claims 5th place in XIV Amateur Voleyball Tournament of the Railway Industry

On October 5-6, 2019, the XIV Amateur Volleyball Tournament of the Railway Industry took place in Żagań. Although eight teams taking part in the tournament…

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BR232 locomotive of Captrain Polska. Despite the slowdown in the rail freight transports branch, Captrain strengthens its position
Captrain Polska strengthens its position on the market

According to the Office of Rail Transport (UTK), in June the market dropped as much as 9,04% in terms of transport volume and 8,99% in terms of transport…

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Colleagues from all the companies of Captrain Group at Transport Logistics 2019 in München
Transport Logistic 2019 trade fair in München

On 4-7 June, the next Logistics Fair in Munich took place. From thousands of exhibitors, Captrain Group also had its stand. Despite the hot weather, we did not…

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[Translate to English:] DLA ARCELOR MITTAL
New transports for Arcelor Mittal

Captrain Polska in cooperation with Laude Smart Intermodal has initiated transports of steel rings from Krakow to France.

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Captrain Poland Sp. z o.o. changes the address of the registered office

We kindly inform you that from January 21, 2019 Captrain Poland Sp. z o.o. changes the address of the registered office from the previous one to: Captrain…

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