14 Czerwca 2016

Transport of intermodal trains
We are pleased to inform that Captrain Poland joined the group of transport companies performing shipments for PCC Intermodal S.A. - One of the biggest Polish intermodal operators. Captrain Poland and PCC Intermodal signed a cooperation agreement on railway transport with an estimated value of PLN 38.1 million in force from 13th June 2016 to 31st March 2018. This agreement defines the principles of cooperation applicable when performing regular and occasional railway transport as part of the networks of national and international intermodal connections offered by PCC Intermodal. The subject of transport is intermodal transport units, including containers that comply with the requirements of ISO and High Cube type containers. The basic directions supported within the framework of the established cooperation are routes from Kutno to Brzeg Dolny, Gliwice and Dębica.

The cooperation with PCC Intermodal started in 2015 and from the beginning of 2016 the transported quantities were gradually increased so that in April 2016 they could reach the level of approx. 30 trains per week. This was due to a change of Captrain Poland's cooperation strategy and long-term preparation to handle the most demanding segments of the rail market. The signing of the agreement in June 2016 confirms our staff's high qualifications and organizational skills, and the highest quality services. We appreciate the confidence and trust, and we are confident that further development of the cooperation, measured by the number of active connections, will be of benefit to both parties.