Our Offer

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Captrain Polska’s Product Offer

  1. Rail transport of bulk commodities – coal, aggregate, containers, fuel, building materials, chemicals, biomass, agricultural produce, etc.
  2. Intermodal logistics
  3. Specialist transport services – rails, railway machinery, oversized shipments
  4. Service of railway sidings
  5. Rental of railway rolling stock
  6. Repairs and on-going maintenance of railway rolling stock

Captrain Polska’s Geographical Offer

The company indirectly owned by SNCF has facilities that guarantee the timely and effective implementation of every order. As a member of the European capital group, the company is able, in a very short time, to estimate costs for each route across Europe chosen by the Customer and to present a total unit price regardless of the number of boundaries crossed by the train set.

Thanks to the cooperation agreements with the Lithuanian, Belorussian, and Ukrainian Railways, we offer cross-border transport to Lithuania, Belarus, and Ukraine.

As a part of the block train transports, we handle both large orders and spot transports. Our customers include such companies as ArcelorMittal Poland Group or PCC Intermodal; we also serve forwarding companies and customers ordering single transports. Our domain is intermodal and specialised transport as well as freight transport in the steel and petrochemical industries and the market of building materials and agricultural products. We are also interested in freight transport for other industries.

Captrain Polska is constantly working on expanding its own fleet, making it also more universal. As of 1 September 2018, Captrain Polska has a rolling stock, which includes about 20 electric locomotives (mainly Traxx BR186 and EU07) and 10 diesel locomotives.

To ensure the comfort of our Customers and the high quality of services, Captrain Polska systematically invests in the development of a high-tech monitoring system. Thanks to specialised software, it is possible to provide the Customer with very detailed information about the place of stay of the freight at any time during the order implementation.

For more information on Captrain Polska, see our presentation in the Downloads tab. Please feel free to contact us and submit an inquiry.